Acute Bronchitis Symptoms


“Guide” Now the environmental pollution is getting more and more serious, it is coupled with a lot of people’s bad habits. It is easy to make our respiratory system suffering from a series of diseases. Which acute bronchitis is a more common one? What symptoms will acute bronchitis will have? Follow the small weave and look down.


Acute Bronchitis Symptoms

Acute bronchitis is actually some of the inflammation of the bronchial mucosa, mainly by the virus and bacterial pathogens infected with the bronchial side. this disease is usually more seen by infants and childrens. So what are the symptoms of acute bronchitis? Small series are summed up in the following several aspects, which we will come to see.

  1. The most important symptom of acute bronchitis is the first cough. Generally in the morning when you get up. You cough out of the mucus is usually white foam and very thick. Cause of this is the coldness. So it will be easy to increase the phlegm volume of acute bronchitis, viscosity will increase, often the color will become yellow purulent.
  2. Patients with acute bronchitis usually have asthma symptoms because the bronchial mucosa is congested with blood and edema resulting in narrowing of the trachea. At the same time, patients also have some sounds when gasping. If they go through the doctor’s auscultation of the lungs, they will find wheezing.
  3. Acute bronchitis patients will appear repeated cough and gradually increased, the symptoms will be lighter in the morning when the special obvious, but in the daytime often cough will be relatively rare. Acute bronchitis also varies with the seasons, often disappearing or lessening in the summer and fall, and exacerbates coughing in the morning and evening in the spring or winter.


How long can acute bronchitis be good?

The common respiratory disease in our life is acute bronchitis, and this disease is easy to happen at any age, so how long will acute bronchitis be good? If have acute bronchitis how should treat? Specific treatment methods small series summed up the following points, look down.

First, if the patient has acute bronchitis symptoms are relatively mild, then you can take general treatment, cough more mild patients can drink plenty of water appropriate rest, and then through the cough so that the secretion cough, if the symptoms are more serious, then it is best to open some cough medicine to treat. The cure time is generally about a week or so.

Secondly, patients with acute bronchitis with severe symptoms, if there are some purulent phlegm liquid or bloodshot sputum, then we must seize the time to hospital treatment, the doctor may prescribe some antibiotics anti-inflammatory drugs or take the infusion method to carry out the necessary cough and anti-inflammatory, cough process will generally be in 7-10 days or so , the severity of the recurrence of 2-3 weeks.



Causes of acute bronchitis

You need to know is the onset of acute bronchitis is more urgent, different causes of acute bronchitis causes the patient’s body symptoms will not be the same, then specific causes of acute bronchitis what? Small series summed up the following points for friends to refer to.

First of all, some patients friend is due to some physical infection caused by acute bronchitis, such as influenza virus, respiratory virus and so on. Bacteria infected with Staphylococcus, streptococcus, and so on some bacteria can also directly cause bronchial inflammation, and these bacteria and viruses can also be violated in the patient’s respiratory tract and then cause infection, causing acute bronchitis.

In addition, some patients also because of inhalation of dust in the air, there are some irritating substances or gases, such as ammonia, chlorine, carbon dioxide and so cause acute bronchitis, and some patients will be inhaled cold air to stimulate the trachea caused by acute bronchitis.

Finally, some allergens can cause the bronchial abnormal phenomenon, which causes acute bronchitis.


What to pay attention to in acute bronchitis

Once suffering from acute bronchitis will bring no small impact on the body and life, because the biggest symptom of acute bronchitis is cough, so whether at work or at rest, cough is easy to people can not get into the state, then get acute bronchitis pay attention to what? In life how to prevent it? Look down together.

First of all, if patients often develop acute bronchitis, it is necessary to pay special attention in life, must be away from the environment prone to smoking, because tobacco nicotine and carbon monoxide, these harmful substances can stimulate the mucous membrane of the respiratory tract, so can induce bronchitis.

Second, as far as possible to prevent their own occurrence of colds, in the cold season in time to add clothes to the body to prevent the occurrence of cold can also prevent the occurrence of acute bronchitis.

Finally, if the body often commit acute bronchitis, then it is necessary to avoid people to the environment, especially in public places, appropriate to participate in more outdoor activities to increase physical exercise, strong body resistance can effectively prevent the occurrence of acute bronchitis.



What to eat for acute bronchitis ?

If the patient has acute bronchitis, in addition to some aspects of life to attract attention, in the diet can also be appropriate conditioning, to effectively reduce the occurrence of acute bronchitis, reasonable diet can also make the body as soon as possible recovery, so acute bronchitis eat what good? Follow the small weave and look down.

First of all, patients with acute bronchitis can eat more cereal and beans of food, such as millet, soybeans, sweet potatoes, wheat and so on, if the body to increase energy, then need to eat more lean pork, beef, sea cucumber and so on. Can take some fresh pig lungs, use some ginger to make seasoning and then boil some pig lung soup, often edible can reach the effect of relieving cough and releasing lung.

In addition, in the ordinary time can eat some fresh vegetables and fruit For example, loofah, wax gourd, fungus, apple, orange persimmon, water chestnut and so on. These foods generally have the role of heat-moistening lungs, you can often eat some wax gourd, do wax gourd soup, fried wax gourd can be, wax gourd has cough diuretic, hydrophobic wind cooling effect.


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