Asthma during pregnancy


Guide” pregnancy is a wonderful and a complex process, while women are in this process they do not only enjoy the moment of happiness, they also may cause a variety of diseases. asthma is one of the many dangerous disease.So what is pregnancy asthma? What are the symptoms of asthma during pregnancy? You can find out more below in the present text.


Asthma during pregnancy

In recent years, the incidence of asthma in pregnancy has started to rise and it has caused great harms to the body of female patients. Because in the special period of gestation, the female body disease resistance ability is particularly weak, so the injury will be more bigger. So what is the specific disease of asthma during pregnancy?

Listen to the small series of answers. At first, about 1% to 4% of pregnant women have asthma during pregnancy, and in the symptom will have 30% of female friends show similar to the phenomenon of rhinitis. There are a very small number of women, which will have nosebleeding and even the voice of speech changes. Nasal obstruction is also a typical pregnancy symptom of asthma.

Secondly. Women which have pregnancy asthma in there pregnancy, are in normal breathing, out of breath, and some are even already breathless. As the fetus continues to grow, this phenomenon will gradually increase. Because pregnant women’s transverse diaphragm activity is limited, it will cause a series of changes in the elasticity of the chest wall.

Thirdly. If many women are developing asthma during pregnancy, they can’t be able to breathe properly and some of them can even be short of breath. As the fetus continues to grow, the phenomenon will gradually worsen. As the transverse diaphragm activity of pregnant women are limited. A series of changes will occur in the elasticity of the chest wall. Some pregnant women will even cough when they exposed to cold air.



What is the impact of Asthma on the pregnancy 

Data show that about 1/3 of the female patients during pregnancy asthma can aggravate the phenomenon. Sometimes the symptoms of asthma are suddenly acute attacks, so the injury of pregnancy asthma is really huge.  So what are the causes of the pregnancy of asthma? In the lower section we will see a small summary of the following points

  1. A subset of women are pregnant with asthma due to physical and hormonal changes during pregnancy. The blood flow in the uterus and placenta will increase continuously. Estrogen also will continue to increase, it is easy to make some capillaries appear, hyperemia phenomenon, and some tissue mucosa edema. This will lead  pregnant women to have similar symptoms of pregnancy asthma.
  2. If women have asthma before they get pregnant, then there are some changes in hormone levels that can lead to smooth muscle tension. This is why asthma occurs during pregnancy.
  3. If a pregnant woman has asthma hidden in her body, cold air or some pollen can cause allergies that can lead to asthma attacks during pregnancy.



How is asthma treated during pregnancy

Once a woman in the pregnancy during the body of a disease, the most concern should be how to treat? Because of the special physique in the pregnancy, you should avoid affect the baby’s growth and development in the treatment. how will be the treat in the pregnancy asthma? Small series are summed up in the following several aspects which we will come to see.

First, if the pregnant women has some symptoms of acute asthma during pregnancy, it is important to determine the severity of the disease. It is important to give the future mother constant oxygen inhalation and some safe medications for the necessary treatment.

Secondly, the more severe symptoms should be promptly hospitalized and it should be observed at any time the physical condition, if there are critical states of the illness, should immediately open artificial airways, by helping the patient’s auxiliary ventilation it will reduce the harm which caused to the patient’s body.

At last, if a woman who is give a birth has an asthma attack, can continue to use some hormone medications for treat. The patient who have a necessary treatment will prevent asthma attacks as much as possible, while in childbirth. In order to reduce physical exertion, the delivery of the baby should be shortened as soon as possible.


Does asthma during pregnancy affect the fetus?

The whole process of female pregnancy is not all smooth sailing. If the disease will occurs, most of the pregnant mothers will be very afraid of the impact on the belly of the baby. So, does the pregnancy of asthma affect the fetus? And what kind of consequences will it cause? Follow the small weave together to see.

First of all, asthma can cause dyspnea symptoms, so if a woman develops asthma during pregnancy, it is bound to cause hypoxia in the belly of the baby. Once a baby is deprived of oxygen it will affect the whole growth and development, seriously and may cause premature baby and low weight baby.

Secondly, asthma in pregnancy may also cause respiratory distress in newborn infants and neonatal hyperbilirubinemia will also occur. So the impact of disease on the fetus is very large, so pregnant female must pay attention.

Finally, asthma during pregnancy not only has severe effects on the fetus, but can also cause serious harm to the mother, such as more dangerous pre-eclampsia, premature rupture of amniotic membranes, and even postpartum haemorrhage, which can be serious enough to endanger the life of a female friend.


Prevention of asthma in pregnancy

For pregnancy-induced asthma, it is possible to reduce morbidity by effectively preventing pregnant women during normal periods of time. The following small series and female friends together to share a pregnancy asthma prevention measures, hoping to help patients.

  1. There have been some changes in the condition of asthma. Once the condition has been found to deteriorate, and that for the first time for treatment.
  2. By actively seeking out the causes of asthma, such as viruses, bacteria or climate change. You can stay away from these conditions at any time and avoid asthma attacks during pregnancy.
  3. For some pregnant women with allergies, it is the best not to keep a pet at home, and to choose carefully the plants which are placed at home. Avoid these predisposing factors leading to the occurrence of asthma during pregnancy.
  4. During pregnancy you must keep indoor air circulation, especially some special like carpeting female friends, at that time as far as possible to choose simple furnishings, clean and comfortable.


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