How is acute leukemia caused ?


“Guide” acute leukemia is a person’s hematopoietic system has undergone a acute and malignant lesion, China’s top Ten high-incidence malignant tumors, leukemia nominated among them. Now the treatment of acute leukemia, there are still many difficult problems have not been overcome, but after the correct treatment, there are many cases of long-term survival. So how did acute leukemia cause it?

How is acute leukemia caused ?

Acute white blood disease is urgent, slightly poorly treated patients will lose their lives, so many people will have questions about the cause of acute leukemia.

Genetic factors are important factors that induce many diseases, and acute leukemia is related to genetic factors. In addition to genetic factors, chemicals are also an important cause of acute leukemia, in a large number of chemicals, benzene is currently recognized as a direct cause of leukemia chemicals, it caused by two types of leukemia, that is, acute granules and red leukemia.

The incidence of acute leukemia and ionizing radiation are also closely related, the dose and location of exposure to ionizing radiation is directly related to the onset of acute leukemia, if it is a disposable exposure to a large number of ionizing radiation, or multiple small doses of exposure will trigger acute leukemia.

People in the human survival of the environment, a wide variety of viruses, and different viruses will cause different human reactions, resulting in a variety of different diseases. With regard to the relationship between acute leukemia and the virus, human research has been in history for 10 years, but so far only adult T-cell leukemia has been identified as being linked to the virus. On top of that, the relationship between other viruses and leukaemia has not been confirmed.



Symptoms of Acute leukemia

The common people also have a more terrible term for acute leukemia, which is “blood cancer.” Although bone marrow transplants can treat leukemia because of the low distribution rate, it is difficult for many patients to get groundbreaking progress in their treatment. In fact, there are many types of leukemia, one of which is called acute leukemia, then what are the symptoms of acute leukemia?

Acute leukemia can cause symptoms of fever in patients. After the illness, the body’s immunity is very low, so at this time, the pathogen is more likely to invade the patient, the patient body in the infection of the pathogen will appear high fever symptoms. Initial infections were common in pharyngitis, stomatitis, lungs and perianal infections.

When leukemia cells stasis into the blood vessels, the number of platelets in the patient will be drastically reduced, the coagulation mechanism will also occur abnormalities, in this case it is easy to cause symptoms of bleeding in patients. In the performance of the whole body scattered in the bleeding point, there will also be purple epilepsy and bruising spots. Many patients will also have a large number of nasal bleeding, gingival bleeding symptoms. Some patients with bleeding symptoms occur in the fundus, so it will cause blurred vision of the patient. If the bleeding occurs in the skull, it can directly cause the patient to be unconscious and die.

Acute leukemia can lead to bone marrow hematopoietic abnormalities in patients, red blood cells and hemoglobin will be significantly reduced, and survival difficulties, which will directly cause the symptoms of anemia, most patients with acute leukemia are severe anemia.

Is acute leukemia contagious ?

Acute leukemia is a serious threat to the life safety of patients. If you do not understand acute leukemia will be very worried about acute leukemia infection. So is acute leukemia contagious?

One of the causes of acute leukemia is viral infection. In the past, scientists have found that if an animal causes leukemia because of a viral infection, it can spread between animals because of a viral infection. But in the long-term development of human leukemia, researchers have not found that leukemia caused by viral infections can spread from person to person. Even healthy people who come into contact with the blood of patients with acute leukemia do not cause infection.

Although the virus particles can be isolated in the blood cells of many patients with acute leukemia, in fact, these viral particles are not the direct cause of leukemia at present there is no definitive conclusion, so it can only be said that the virus is a participant in the pathogenesis of acute leukemia patients. This may be when the patient is infected with the virus, part of the body’s oncogenes are activated by the virus, and when the body loses its balance, it will cause acute leukemia in these susceptible populations.

Acute leukemia has so far not been included in the list of infectious diseases, and there have been no isolation measures for patients during treatment. And the various types of leukemia patients in the hematology department are now being treated in a ward, there has been no mutual transmission of the phenomenon. The most important thing is that healthy health care workers are also in long-term contact with patients with acute leukemia, who and the general population have an equal incidence of leukemia, so that acute leukemia is not contagious.



Can acute leukemia be cured ?

The severity of leukemia is well known, acute leukemia is one of the leukemia.Because it is a kind of high incidence disease, so people now have the urgent need to understand whether acute leukemia can be cured. Can acute leukemia actually cure it?

In the treatment of acute leukemia Western medicine treatment, because of the changeable condition, so the doctor will change the chemotherapy program at any time to the patient repeated alternating treatment. About 50% of patients with acute leukemia will be relieved of their condition, and a small number of patients can recover after treatment. But this treatment regimen takes a long time, patients are prone to drug resistance, repeated chemotherapy has a very large toxic side effect on patients, most importantly, the recurrence rate is high, and there is a great possibility of triggering a second tumor.

In contrast, gene immunotherapy, bone marrow, umbilical cord blood, stem cell transplantation treatment technology can effectively improve the cure rate of acute leukemia. However, it is still unavoidable that, after these means of treatment, acute leukemia still has the possibility of relapse. To have a transplant, it is necessary to find the right donor, and the lack of problem resources is the most serious problem facing these treatment technologies at present. The technical nature of these drugs is far more complex than the use of chemotherapy treatment, and the cost is very high, so there are still many areas that need to be improved.

Nevertheless, patients with acute leukemia should also pay attention to the treatment of diseases, do not let can cure this problem, become pressure on the heart of the stone and produce negative emotions, to know that any disease only active treatment will have the possibility of cure, optimistic attitude is the key to control the disease.

How to prevent acute leukemia

When it comes to acute leukemia, it is possible that many people’s faces will change as a result, because it is a very terrible malignant disease, and some pessimistic people will even directly equate acute leukemia with death. Only active prevention of acute leukemia in life can prevent it from taking our lives.

Prevention of acute leukemia, first of all, to avoid or reduce contact with chemical substances, the most important thing is to avoid the “benzene” of this chemical. Long-term exposure to benzene will make the body’s hematopoietic system abnormal, accumulation will be very easy to cause acute leukemia. Therefore, should try to avoid contact with benzene, if it is necessary to produce contact, need to do a good job in advance protection measures.

Prevention of acute leukemia remember not to abuse drugs. When the body is not comfortable should be taken on medication according to the doctor’s instructions, do not diagnose their own medicine to take, all kinds of drugs, the most clear current is that the long-term abuse of immunosuppressants is likely to lead to acute leukemia.

Ionizing radiation is a major cause of leukemia. So in life it is best to avoid, can hide hiding, but some people because of work must be in contact with ionizing radiation, in this case, be sure to do a good job of protective measures.

Prevention of acute leukemia you must not lose sight of food safety. Because now a lot of vegetable and fruit pesticide fertilizer pollution is serious, so before eating must be thoroughly cleaned, otherwise the long-term accumulation of pesticide residues will make the risk of acute leukemia increase a lot.

The last point is also a very important preventive measure, everyone should actively participate in physical exercise, enhance physical fitness. Physical fitness is improved, the ability to fight disease will be improved, so that the body will not be easily destroyed by pathogens.


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