How to treat kidney stone


“Guide”  kidney stone is a very common urinary system disease, the incidence of men is far higher than women, and most of the onset are young adults. So, how to treat kidney stones, have a kidney stone in peacetime need diet? The following small series will give you a detailed introduction.

How to treat kidney stone

After being diagnosed with kidney stones, patients should be treated in a timely manner. There are many treatments for kidney stones now in medicine, and there are good therapeutic effects.

  1. Doctors ask all patients to drink plenty of water and at least four litres a day, which is critical for kidney stone sufferers and must be done by every kidney stone sufferer.
  2. Kidney stone patients to continue on taking medicine, even if the stones have been discharged. Take medication for another week, continuing usage as a consolidation treatment. But also will not be easy to find in the examination of small stones as row clean, lest stones in the kidneys continue to increase.
  3. If the kidney stone is relatively small, you can arrange the stone by movement. Patients can jump rope, more than a few times a day, but also conducive to the stone platoon, but also to exercise the body.
  4. If the stone is large, the doctor will advise the patient to use a stone crusher to fight off the stone. This is the most effective method, more suitable for acute attacks of kidney stones, there is severe pain in patients.

Kidney stone patients must be timely treatment, otherwise the stone is likely to further increase, not only will it increase the difficulty of treatment but also increase patient suffering and may cause complications.



What are the symptoms of kidney stones?

Everyone on a daily basis needs to pay attention to their physical health, conducive to the timely detection of disease. After a kidney stone, a series of symptoms usually occur.

  1. Calcaneus is the most insidious type of kidney stone, which is rarely symptomatic. It is usually detected on a B-scan, and a small amount of red and white blood cells can be found in a test.
  2. Patients with kidney stones may experience pain in the lower back, usually in the form of blunt pain in the lower back. This is caused by larger stones in the pelvis and may result in hematuria after strenuous exercise. If the pain is manifested as colic, it is usually caused by small stones. Some patients have severe pain symptoms accompanied by nausea and vomiting.
  3. Many kidney stone sufferers have a history of stone withdrawal, especially in the presence of pain and hematuria, there is likely to be sand grains as well as small stones discharged. Patients will feel blocked and painful urethra, after the stones discharged, the feeling will disappear immediately.

After the kidney appears to finish the stone, usually will appear above symptom, still is very easy to discover. Especially the waist pain, kidney stones are the most common symptoms of patients.


How the kidney stones are caused 

In recent years, the incidence of kidney stones is gradually increasing, and the disease there is a trend of rejuvenation, however, many patients with kidney stones do not know why they are sick.

  1. We are in the daily diet, may lead to the emergence of kidney stones, even kidney stone disease is the most important reason. Many people because in the usual diet, always eat food easy to cause stones. Oxalic acid will induce kidney stones, if the body’s oxalic acid content is too high, there will be a high risk of developing kidney stones.
  2. The main cause of kidney stones is the breakdown of purine metabolism in the body. Animal viscera, seafood, beans, spinach and other foods are rich in purine. After being ingested into the body, purine will eventually metabolize uric acid. Uric acid will lead to precipitation of oxalate in the urine.
  3. If people eat too much fat in their diet, it will reduve the intestinal calcium content, which will increase the intestinal absorption of oxalic acid salt, it is easy to make people suffering from kidney stones.

The cause of kidney stones, is mainly caused by diet. We can adjust our own eating habits in peacetime, to reduce the incidence of kidney stones.



Is the kidney stone serious?

Many people are diagnosed with kidney stones but not given enough attention as a result of a lack of understanding of the severity of the disease.

  1. Kidney stones often lead to the occurrence of urinary tract obstruction, which is the most common complication of such diseases, but also the main form of secondary kidney damage to patients. Kidney stones can cause a patient’s urinary tube cavity to be blocked, and then the obstruction site of stagnant water phenomenon. If the hydronephrosis time is too long, the blood flow of the kidney will be reduced, it is likely to lead to renal tubular degeneration, atrophy, will seriously damage the kidney function.
  2. Kidney stones will appear small but a large activity of the stone, which will bring damage to the stone site, and large stones will cause kidney and pelvis cells fall off, it is easy to make kidney tissue fibrosis.
  3. If kidney stone exists for a long time, it may lead to renal failure, which will seriously threaten the life of the patient.

After suffering from kidney stones, patients must be vigilant, even if the volume of stone is very small. The situation is not serious, but not having timely treatment, will let the illness aggravate.



Kidney stones can’t eat anything ?

Because most of the kidney stones are caused by the food we usually eat, patients with kidney stones can’t do what they want with their diet and have to be controlled.

  1. The last thing kidney stone sufferers can eat is purine-rich foods, such as animal offal, seafood, peanuts, celery and green peppers. These are all rich in purine ingredients, which can lead to the accumulation of oxalate in the body, leading to worser kidney stones.
  2. Kidney stone patients also need to avoid eating calcium content higher food, otherwise it will increase the burden of the kidneys, affecting the recovery of the disease, so for dairy products, soy milk, etc., try not to eat.
  3. Excess oxalic acid in the body can lead to kidney stones. People with kidney stones can easily get worse by eating foods high in oxalic acid. The foods with high oxalate content are spinach, legumes and celery.
  4. Patients with kidney stones should not ingest too much sugar, otherwise it will not only affect the treatment, but also promote the formation of stones.

Kidney stone patients should avoid the above types of food. They must stay away and try to adjust their eating habits, in order to not aggravate the condition.


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