How to treat urine bifurcation


“Guide” some people in life will experience this scene, in urinating urine into several strands of spray out, urinal water splash, although only their own witness this scene, but also feel very embarrassed, the former puff sense of comfort disappeared. This situation is the urine bifurcation, then the urine bifurcation is what is going on? How is urinary bifurcation treated?



How to treat urine bifurcation

When the urine is discharged, it must pass through the urethra. Its discharge principle is similar to that of water flowing through a hose. If the middle of the water pipe is blocked or narrow due to certain abnormal factors, it will slow down the speed of the water flow, the flow of water may appear bifurcated situation. Urine bifurcation is also this principle, so how to treat urine bifurcation?

  1. General treatment. In the case of urinary bifurcation, patients should first dismiss their concerns. Don’t have sex too often. For tobacco and alcohol and other stimulating food should be properly restrained, every night in hot water sitting bath, local stimulation, to avoid long time cycling and so on, life may induce this phenomenon of various factors.
  2. Prostate massage. Frequent massage of the prostate, can promote the discharge of secretions, frequency once a week is appropriate. Pay attention to routine examination of prostate secretions.
  3. Drug perfusion. If there is too much purulent secretion accumulation in the prostate urethra, it can be poured into sterile saline, repeated suction, removal of clean purulent secretions. Antibiotics are injected into it at the end of the process. The treatment needs to be done once a week.
  4. Urethral dilation. Where necessary, the urethral stenosis site needs to be dilated so that the urine can be discharged smoothly.
  5. Closed around the prostate. This treatment is mainly performed through the use of drugs.
  6. Antimicrobial drugs. It is important to note that antimicrobial drugs are difficult to enter the prostate tissue, and specific treatments should also be subject to the doctor’s guidance arrangements.





What’s the reason for the urine bifurcation ?

Because of the difference in urinary posture, it is difficult for a woman to be found when urinating, even if there is a urine bifurcation. Men are different, standing urination on the discharge of urine unobstructed situation. Men experience more or less urine bifurcation in their lifetime. Many men see this situation will suspect that the prostate problem, then male urine bifurcation in the end what is the reason?

  1. The cause of prostate. Inflammation of the prostatic hyperplasia will cause it to swell and oppress the urethra, causing urine bifurcation.
  2. Fine fu hypertrophy. This phenomenon can cause lower urinary tract obstruction, resulting in difficulty urinating, urine bifurcation.
  3. Urethral glandular small cyst. The cyst grows in the urethra glands and the patient has little feeling, but it can hinder the urine flow and cause the phenomenon of bifurcation to occur.
  4. Urinary system problems. Stones, inflammation, adhesion and even scarring, will cause the phenomenon of bifurcation.
  5. Causes of circumcision. Too long foreskin or the resulting inflammation of the tortoise will hinder the normal discharge of urine, causing bifurcation phenomenon.
  6. Urethral swelling. Common are polyps, tumors, cysts. The swelling of small particles will cause the phenomenon of urine bifurcation.
  7. Sexual life issues. Too intense sex will cause fine fu congestion, in addition to the semen left on the tortoise is not wiped clean because of its solidification so that the urethra is sealed, these will lead to urine bifurcation.

Female urine bifurcation a general reason is that the urinary tract has obstacles to make it clogged, causing the phenomenon of urinary bifurcation. The most common causes are urinary tract infections in women, or urinary bifurcation in women caused by the presence of urethral flesh and tumors. Urethral meat is a benign swelling, some similar to polyps, it can block the urethra mouth of women. In addition to causing women to diverge, this cause is also more likely to lead to urinary tract infections in women. Female urethral meat is required to carry out anti-inflammatory treatment, in addition, women should also pay attention to supplement estrogen.

After the appearance of urinary bifurcation, women must go to the regular hospital to hang gynecology for examination, in the identification of the corresponding etiology after the targeted treatment. In the ordinary life, drink more water more urination scour the urethra, pay attention to vitamin supplementation, in order to improve the body’s resistance. Women are more likely than men to develop urinary system diseases, so we should pay more attention to the cleanliness and hygiene of the private parts.Underwear needs to be constantly changing, and pay attention to the sun sterilization.



What kind of urine bifurcation ?

Urine bifurcation can occur by accident or can occur for a long time, the difference between the two, one is due to physiological reasons, the other is pathological causes.Many people do not know after the urine discharge, what kind of form is considered urine bifurcation, the following small series will take you to know the problem specifically.

In the case of urination, when the tortoise is exposed, the urine can not flow continuously, but is dispersed, this is the urine bifurcation. Urine bifurcation can be divided into two types: the first urine bifurcation is from the urethra out of the urine immediately in a bifurcated scatter; the second is the first discharge of a complete urine after the occurrence of shunt.

Urine bifurcation is not simply a urine divided into two strands of spray, but a more dispersed injection state, to divide people often in the process of urinating so that the metamorphic surrounding are sprayed with urine, most people will be accompanied by inexhaustible symptoms of urine. There is also a more special case, is a droplet to urinate outward, urine into a thin and long line, not as obvious and intense as jet urine bifurcation.

If a person has a long-term urinary bifurcation of this phenomenon, should be highly wary of pathological causes. Occasional urinary bifurcation does not have to be too much of a doubt.



Urine bifurcation can heal itself

The problem of urinary bifurcation is unspeakable by many male friends. When the problem is discovered, many men will inevitably consider whether they have a problem with their prostate and kidneys. In fact, it was found that male friends did not have to be overly anxious before the situation was to be bifurcated. Urine bifurcation is not necessarily the cause of pathology, there are many physiological factors will also cause urine bifurcation, then urine bifurcation can heal itself?

Urethral diseases are more special, because the location of the disease is more private, many people because they are ashamed to be more resistant to the hospital for treatment, so there is their own private to the hospital to take medicine, private take hope that can be recovered through treatment, to avoid the emergence of the hospital to visit this awkward situation, but in fact, this practice is very dangerous.

Urine bifurcation, if the symptoms caused by pathological causes, mild inflammatory factors may have the possibility of self-healing, but like polyps, hyperplasia, tumors, severe inflammation it is impossible to heal itself, must go to the hospital for formal treatment can also alleviate the condition. Of course, there are some physiological reasons will also cause urine bifurcation, this phenomenon, such as frequent sex life, long cycling, mental stress and so on, this temporary urine bifurcation can heal itself. So in life, if there are occasional one or two urine bifurcation, you can not worry too much, these phenomena will naturally disappear.



Is the urine bifurcation going to be operated on ?

When urinating clearly has been aimed at the urinal, but urine but accidentally appeared bifurcation situation, resulting in urine spatter outside the urinal, more embarrassing is that the urine may also stick to the trousers. Male friends must be no stranger to urinating, and most men have experienced the event. See this phenomenon believe that many people are still more perturbed inside, how to do urine bifurcation to do surgical treatment?

The reason for the appearance of urine bifurcation may be that the urinary tract temporarily causes obstruction caused by the obstruction of foreign bodies, which causes a phenomenon. The most common is that in the morning due to the bladder in the urine savings, bladder pressure is also large, so in the urination will produce a relatively large impact, this force can make a temporary change in the shape of the urinary tract, causing urine bifurcation. There is also sexual life when sponge congestion is not completely eliminated on the urination, will also cause this phenomenon, these are normal conditions, do not need surgery treatment. However, there is a special situation, that is, the long foreskin caused by the urine bifurcation.

Too long foreskin will not only lead to urinary bifurcation, but also affect the quality of sexual life, more easily filth, causing a variety of inflammation, so it is recommended that male friends with too long foreskin timely surgical treatment, to relieve the long foreskin effect on health.


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