Influenza prevention


“Guide” The repeated changes in the weather, especially in this not to walk the winter, to come to the spring, the flu again quietly. What’s the way to deal with it? With what medicine? But is it useful to drink more water, as we often say? Let’s see it together!

Influenza prevention

Less than erection, the flu is coming! In particular, the spread capacity of seasonal influenza is very strong, in the face of such a situation, what methods can be dealt with?

  1. Strengthen personal hygieneCough, sneeze should use paper towels, etc., to avoid the spread of droplets. Droplets are the main route of influenza transmission. Influenza can also be transmitted through secretions, if exposed to susceptible to infection. It is recommended to wash hands frequently, such as the occurrence of flu-like symptoms timely medical treatment. 
  2. Go out and pay attentionMaintain indoor air circulation, avoid to the crowd gathering place, try to rest at home, but also not at all can not go out, should be appropriate outdoor exercise, improve the body’s ability to fight disease.
  3. Nutritional SupplementsDuring this special period, vitamins should be replenished to give the body the nutrients it needs. Can eat more vitamin rich fruits and vegetables, good for the body, and will not be on fire. 
  4. VaccinationInfluenza vaccination is an irreplaceable method of other methods, the most effective means to prevent influenza and its complications Oh.
    These methods start from every aspect of our daily lives, have you noticed?



What medicine is used to prevent influenza ?

In the process of preventing influenza, accidentally infected, how to use drugs?Specific problems still have to be analyzed concretely!

  1. 1. Cold-Wind Influenza
    If it is cold caused by the flu, there will generally be nasal congestion, pharyngeal itching, runny nose symptoms appear, can be through some traditional Chinese medicine torment methods to prevent.Recommended by: Suye 10g, windproof 10g, Orange pedicel 10g, Qiang live 5g, ginger 20g;Usage: Fry the water cooker to 200ml, one dose per day, clothing, take 3-5 days.
  2. Wind-Hot InfluenzaThis flu will have nasal congestion, runny nose, sore throat, headache, cough and other symptoms, which can be prevented by the following prescriptions.Recommended by: Mulberry leaf 10g, windproof 10g, chrysanthemum 10g, orange pedicel 10g, wheat winter 10g;

    Usage: Fry the water cooker to 200ml, one dose per day, clothing, take 3-5 days.

    These drugs are not at ease, you can go to the hospital after further examination, according to the doctor gave the plan to prevent, of course, there are more Western medicine, and the use of partial conditioning of the Chinese Medicine square Oh.



Ways to prevent influenza eating

Whether it is influenza prevention or other aspects, in our daily life diet is particularly important, and in the face of the flu of course diet is also very important, then what are the eating methods to prevent influenza?

  1. Nourishing DietFirst of all, we must realize that the flu mainly occurs in winter, or when the spring cold, and this stage happens to be when the human body needs to be raised, so eat some nourishing diet, can help the human body better yin, nourishing Yang.
  2. Replenish the waterOf course, in the flu epidemic time, is also a relatively dry time period, so the water supplement is also particularly important, can be properly supplemented by fruits, vegetables, and even can be placed at home or office place humidifier, of course, also pay attention to the circulation of air.
  3. Ward offGenerally is more likely to be trapped by the flu, and cold people, you can use onion ginger soup, enhance the body’s ability to resist cold.These dietary methods will always suit you. Prevention of influenza Let’s start with these aspects!



Daily methods of influenza prevention

Of course, if the flu is to be prevented, it should start paying attention from every aspect of life.

1. Living

To ensure adequate sleep, timely increase or decrease of clothing to keep warm and cold, to keep indoor air fresh, humidification, to avoid air too dry, drink more water, relieve throat discomfort, are to prevent the process of influenza need to pay attention to the details of the part.

2. Insist on exercise

Sticking to physical exercise can help you increase your ability to resist cold oh. In general, it is more appropriate to choose items that are not very strong in exercise, such as walking, running, etc.

3. Maintain optimism

In the season of influenza susceptibility, people are prone to emotional depression, lazy drowsiness, lethargy and other phenomena, should bask in the sun, listen to more music, maintain optimism. If the mood is bad, can be improved in a variety of ways, the focus is to maintain a happy mood, to avoid decreased body resistance.

4. Prevention of complications

Influenza prevention at the same time, but also to prevent the occurrence of other complications, such as influenza is prone to inflammation of the lungs, leading to dyspnea, so care should be taken to maintain cardiovascular function, to prevent the occurrence of other complications.

These, have you noticed?

Is it useful to prevent the flu from drinking more water ?

The most we hear is, drink plenty of water. No matter what the circumstances, comfort, tell others to take care is to drink more water. So, when it’s time to prevent flu, is it useful to advise others to drink more water?

In fact, it doesn’t matter to prevent flu and drink plenty of water! The key to preventing influenza is not touching the source of the infection, rather than drinking more water, keeping your throat moist or detoxifying. and the prevention and treatment of influenza on the impact of influenza also varies from person to person, can not be generalized.

Rather than drinking more water, it is better to say more VC. On the premise that the human body lacks vitamin C, more vitamin C supplementation can prevent influenza, but if not lacking it is a different matter.

There are many ways to supplement vitamin C, and eating fruits and vegetables is one of them, or you can eat health products rich in vitamin C. As to which one to choose, it depends on its own circumstances. The focus is to improve the body so that the body is not short of vitamins.

All in all, are you confused by the rumors of drinking plenty of water? Prevention of influenza or should start from the aspect of life, is the most authentic!


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