Insomnia during pregnancy


“Guide” in the whole pregnancy female friends to eat well, who is good, the fetus can grow healthily and thrive. But in life there are a lot of female friends in the pregnancy when there is insomnia problem, the whole night who do not know is very uncomfortable things, they also worry that this will have a negative impact on the growth of the fetus.Here’s a look to learn about insomnia during pregnancy.



Insomnia during pregnancy

In ordinary life, many people have the problem of insomnia, it brings harm in itself, if women insomnia during pregnancy, the harm caused is not only physical, but also the growth of the fetus. To this end, people should be able to pay enough attention to the problem of insomnia during pregnancy, found that there are symptoms of insomnia during pregnancy can be the first time to deal with.

Insomnia during pregnancy means that when pregnant, female friends have difficulty sleeping, wake up in the middle of the night can no longer sleep, daily sleep treatment is poor disease. This is one of the sleep disorders, if in the pregnancy stage female friends appear the disease, not only lead to women will be distraught all day, no spirit, but also may lead to the health of the fetus to have a certain impact.

Insomnia during pregnancy is also divided into two types of severe and mild, the general condition is mostly at the beginning of the mild, and then the development of serious. Difficulty falling asleep, waking up in sleep, feeling tired in the body is a relatively mild symptom of insomnia; if the condition does not get the environment over time, the patient’s body will develop more symptoms, such as looking very haggard, people do not have the spirit, weight loss and so on.



Insomnia during pregnancy What’s going on ?

Children can grow better when they eat well and sleep well in a pregnant state. But some people go to insomnia during pregnancy, sleep all day long, because of the sleep of the relationship is also easy to think about. Symptoms of insomnia must be a cause, to be addressed must be able to find the right cause. So, what about insomnia during pregnancy?

  1. Hormonal changes. After pregnancy, women’s body hormone levels have also changed dramatically, progesterone, estrogen and other secretion increased, affecting the sleepiness of pregnant women.
  2. Diet. After knowing that many people habitually eat nourishing food after pregnancy, compared with the past eating habits have a huge change, the body temporarily do not adapt to receive and insomnia.
  3. Frequent urination. After the pregnant woman’s uterus compression to the bladder, often has the problem of frequent urination, especially after midnight urine frequency, wake up to fall asleep is more difficult, directly affect the quality of sleep.
  4. Cramps. From the middle of pregnancy, after the late stage, pregnant women will appear calcium deficiency and lead to two-legged cramps, cramps just in the evening, many female friends will be because of cramps and can not sleep.
  5. Hyperactivity before bed. Before bedtime by the influence of fetal movement or watch some irritating movies, TV dramas, etc., resulting in mental hyperactivity, delay can lead to nerve relaxation down to sleep.



Does insomnia affect the fetus during pregnancy ?

The problem of insomnia during pregnancy now many people occur, more and more people are also beginning to have the problem of insomnia during pregnancy. For their insomnia during pregnancy, many female friends will also pay special attention to, worried that their insomnia during pregnancy will directly affect the fetus in the abdomen. So, does insomnia affect the fetus during pregnancy?

Insomnia during pregnancy can have an impact on fetal growth and development.Pregnant women after insomnia their biological clock will occur flocculation, some people feel that at night insomnia after the day sleep back on the good, in fact, tell everyone at night insomnia Day is very difficult to sleep back, even if the sleep back will also bring harm to the health of the body. Because the relationship between insomnia affects the appetite of pregnant women, the fetus can not absorb better nutrition in the case of eating, children born out of the easy too thin.

Insomnia during pregnancy will also have an impact on their mood, pregnant women tend to be overly nervous, often frightened and so on, which will directly affect the fetus in the abdomen, resulting in children are also prone to tension, in the future grow up not easy to have a good character, for the child’s future life will also have a very huge impact. If a pregnant mother maintains a bad mood for a long time, it also affects fetal development.


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