Pregnancy with Ovarian Cyst

“Guide” during pregnancy. If there is a disease, there will be a certain impact on pregnant women and the fetus. Especially pregnancies with ovarian cysts, there it will have a specific effect on the growth and development of the fetus.
What kind of dangers can arise while you are in pregnancy with ovarian cysts?

Pregnancy with Ovarian Cyst

Pregnant women  with ovarian cyst, doesn’t damage only his own body, it also may affect the growth of the fetus. So what is a pregnancy complicated with an ovarian cyst?
Here you can read a sum up of this specific understanding.
  1. In most cases, the ovarian cyst occurs in pregnancy.
    Most of the cases have ovarian cyst patients are generally lower pregnancy rate, but must be the first ovarian tumor will appear pregnancy. This situation can cause great harms to the patient.
  2. Sometimes the cysts can be felt in gynecological, bimanuellen examination. The best way to get a diagnose is to carry out a vaginal ultrasound. The cyst shows up as a smooth-walled space with echoarmem content.  There are cysts in the ovary; from the nature can be divided into many species, single or mixed, may be divided into benign and malignant, cystic or substantive.
  3. There are luteal cysts, teratomas, simple ovarian cysts, chocolate cysts, and mucinous or serous cysts. Because ovarian cysts occur outside the uterus, they have no influence on the fetus.
  4. Some cysts in the fetal growth and development process may disappear, so the ovarian cyst on the body is not very large, but in the presence of the need to actively prevent.


Etiology of pregnancy complicated with ovarian cyst

Women in pregnancy with cold toward cyst, usually have certain reasons. These reasons can be internal reasons, they are able to external factors to stimulate. What are the specific reasons in Pregnancy with that cyst ?
  1. Unmarried women are twice as likely to develop ovarian cancer as women who have children. Early first pregnancy,  menopause, or frequent use of birth control pills can reduce the risk of ovarian cancer. Patients with breast or endometrial cancer are more likely to develop functional ovarian cancer than women.
  2. Some patients have inherited it a family history when they appear to have a malignant ovarian cyst. If there is a disease in the family’s previous generation, then the next generation will have some symptoms. This situation is an unavoidable factor for women.
  3. If the environment serious pollution will trigger cancer, cancer and dietary ingredients will related. So in peacetime it have to need to pay more attention to these factors. So they will lead the occurrence of ovarian cysts and this must be avoided in peacetime.
  4. Pregnancy coexisting ovarian cyst has certain influence to the pregnant woman, although it won’t have the influence to the child. It also may appear other accidents, therefore it must carry on the examination promptly in the gestation period, avoids has the accident to occur.





Symptoms of pregnancy with ovarian cysts

Women in pregnancy with ovarian cyst, will have some symptoms. In the presence of symptoms, patients need to be in a timely manner to the hospital for treatment. What are the symptoms of pregnancy complicated with ovarian cysts ?


  1. The patient will initially notice a lump in the lower abdomen. The weight of the tumour is affected by long movements and changes in posture.Tthe tumour will move, causing the ligaments that pull into the pelvic funnel. Resulting in poor pixels or swelling of the iliac fossa and a feeling of falling down.
  2. Patients will feel their clothes or belt slightly tight small. If the abdomen has increased, and if the abdomen press you may will find abdominal swelling, and will feel abdominal distension discomfort.
  3. Tumors have no complications, but are rarely painful. Tumor sufferers experience pain in the abdomen suddenly because the tumour has ruptured, bleeding, infection, and malignant cysts can cause leg pain, abdominal pain, and so on.
  4. In the presence of both sides the understanding of ovarian cysts, there will no destruction of all ovarian tissue, it will not cause menstrual disorders. Sometimes uterine bleeding is not endocrine, or because ovarian tumors cause pelvic blood vessel distribution changes, it will cause endometrial congestion. If ovarian cancer has metastasis, it will be serious situation, then need timely treatment.


The Harm of Pregnancy Complicated with Ovarian Cyst

Pregnant women which have a ovarial cyst, should go in the slightest degree of harm to the ovary in timely treatment .What are the specific harms from the ovarian cyst to the body during pregnancy?


  1. If the tumor is in the early pregnancy large in size or in the incarceration of the pelvic
    cavity is prone to miscarriage. If this will happen, it can have a huge impact on women’s pregnancies.
  2. The twisting of the ovarian cyst pedicle occurs in the second trimester of pregnancy, when the enlargement of the uterus causes the swelling in the ovaries to rise into the larger abdominal cavity. This can have a huge impact on both; the pregnant woman and the fetus.
  3. If, after childbirth, the pelvic space increases because of the sharply reduced uterus, it is easy to cause the ovarian cyst pedicle to twist, especially in the case of teratomas, it is more likely to occur pedicle twist.
  4. Obstructive dystocia can easily occur if the uterus is blocked during childbirth. Contraction and the fetus’s head may compress the tumour at this time, causing the tumour to rupture and bleed. This makes it more difficult to give birth, while causing great pain to the patient and seriously affecting the fetus.

Prevention of pregnancy complicated with ovarian cyst

The Pregnancy is combined with ovarian cysts and can have a certain impact on both; of the pregnant women and  the fetuses. So there can be other complications if they will be occur. Therefore in the gestation period must do the prevention work, prevents the disease the occurrence.
  1. Before prenatal to do a good pregnancy to check to find out whether there are abnormalities in the pelvic organs. If ovarian cysts are founded at this time, and this will be more than 5cm in diameter, surgical treatment is required and laparoscopic minimally invasive surgery can be taken. This operation is simpler and less damaging.
  2. Tumor markers can identify the nature of the tumor and facilitate early treatment. If the tumor is small and benign, you can get pregnant first.
  3. In the occurrence of ovarian cysts there are usually no symptoms. If the abdomen is on pain on one side, but also nausea, vomiting, it is necessary to the patient immediately to the hospital for inspection. This time the ovarian cyst may have pedicle torsion, it needs immediate surgery.
  4. If the ovarian cyst is in the occurrence of pedicle torsion,it will be without a timely treatment cause necrosis of the ovary, then the harm will be very large to women . Sometimes the ovarian cyst can also have abdominal pain, but can also occur bleeding, rupture, in that case it is better to go to the hospital and to check it immediately.
Pregnancy combined with ovarian cyst is very large, but also affect the growth of the fetus, so before the pregnancy it must be checked, to see whether there are ovarian cysts. In  timely treatment it can avoid the occurrence of ovarian cysts in pregnancy.


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