What are the types of liver disease ?


“Guide” Some people appear to have liver disease mostly because of normal eating habits and some bad factors cause. Liver disease is also a threat to humans. Liver problems can easily lead to some liver cancer, which can lead to death. So, what are the types of liver disease?


What are the types of liver disease ?

There are many reasons for the formation of liver disease. In normal times, as long as you do pay attention to easily lead to some outside of the liver by the invasion of bacteria or lesions, there will be liver disease. What kinds of liver disease? Let’s learn about it.

  1. Liver diseases can be divided into hepatitis B, hepatitis C and hepatitis E. This type of hepatitis is caused by the virus. There is also a fatty hepatitis. This type of hepatitis is more likely to develop due to the obesity of people, because of their eating habits, leading obesity is a prone to this phenomenon.
  2. People with this type of hepatitis tend to eat more fatty foods. There are also problems with the liver caused by drugs that are taken inappropriately. Or a chronic overdose, and an irregular medication that causes drug-induced liver disease. In this case, it is more likely due to problems with the liver caused by the drugs.
  3. There is an autoimmune liver disease and the liver disease occurs during pregnancy. But the more common clinical liver disease is hepatitis B, hepatitis C and fatty liver disease and immune liver disease. When this type of liver disease occurs, it is necessary to timely visit the hospital for examination and treatment, so that it can be a good prevention and treatment of the liver problem.



Symptoms of liver disease

At ordinary times, if there is a liver disease, there will be some symptoms. With these symptoms, we can determine the severity of the liver disease. Doctors also use symptoms to treat them in a series of treatments. What are the symptoms of liver disease?

  1. Common symptoms of liver disease can occur in most liver diseases. Patients will appear full of fatigue, poor appetite, tired, gassy, nausea and other symptoms. Some may also have spleen enlargement, diarrhea, vomiting, these phenomenons affect the symptom to be with the chronic liver disease as well as the ulcer disease to have certain relations.
  2. In all liver diseases, the liver area will have discomfort or pain, specific symptoms. It is suspected that the liver disease caused, can be ruled out because of the trauma caused. Normal people will also have temporary liver area pain discomfort, but relatively rare dry area uncomfortable and liver area pain, often with liver swelling will be compressed to liver envelope as there is a certain relationship. As the condition improves, liver swelling phenomenon will be reduced.
  3. There will also be systemic signs such as: some patients will have yellow skin, yellow eyes and yellow urine. If jaundice is too high, the skin will itch. Liver ascites may occur in the late stages of liver disease or in very severe cases. If cirrhosis occurs, ascites may indicate that cirrhosis of the liver has reached an advanced stage.
  4. Liver disease also can have the phenomenon of haemorrhage. Because of the decrease of liver function, the synthesis of coagulation factor decreases therefore prone to bleeding gums, gastrointestinal bleeding, hemorrhoids bleeding, in which the bleeding will be very difficult to stop.



Early symptoms of liver disease

There are some symptoms in the early stages of liver Disease. It is usually less likely to show symptoms than in the late stages of liver Disease. This time, the Patient’s attention needs to be aroused. If it can be treated in a timely manner this time round of diagnosis, it will help the recovery of the liver. It will also help the liver to heal and stop the disease from getting worse.

  1. In the early stages of liver disease, the complexion of the patient is darker. It will be different from the tan of the skin, the complexion will be dull, and there are serious dark circles. And most of the early symptoms of these patients are chronic hepatitis B.
  2. Patients who do not have hepatitis usually suffer from early symptoms of fatigue, liver pain, vomiting, nausea, fever, chills, etc. There will be a sudden onset of eye and skin yellowing after this. This means that patients with acute jaundice of hepatitis, chronic hepatitis patients with jaundice, indicating that the condition has increased.
  3. Patients with hepatitis have a different  colour to their palm. The palm of ordinary people will be a rosy color and patients with liver disease, their palm becomes the colour of white blood. Some patients will appear to have a spider nevus, the usual symptom is a small red dot in the middle, around the secondary capillary, similar to the symptoms of mosquito bites. If the center cross is Gezhi with a fine rod end, it will disappear, and then it will appear after release. This is related to the early symptoms of liver disease. There is some evidence that 85% of men with spider moles have different levels of liver tissue lesions, and 30% are Cirrhosis.



Prevention of Hepatitis A

Hepatitis A virus is also a type of liver disease. Usually hepatitis is contagious, so in normal times there needs to be some measures to prevent hepatitis A infection. But also to understand the transmission pathway of hepatitis A, so as to effectively prevent the occurrence of hepatitis A disease.

  1. First of all to understand some of the symptoms of hepatitis A, found in patients by the phenomenon of hepatitis A, it is necessary to do a good job of isolation and control. Isolation in the onset of a total of three weeks, patient isolation, household items to be disinfected.
  2. Although pollution is the main cause of hepatitis A epidemic, so in strengthening the pollution of hepatitis A patient needs to manage the water problem of hepatitis A. In addition, the method of transmission of hepatitis A will also pass through the mouth and stool, so in peacetime also to strengthen the diet and stool management of hepatitis A patient, this can effectively prevent hepatitis A. In peacetime, the isolation and management of patients with hepatitis A should pay extra attention to prevent the emergence of more serious infection Phenomenon.
  3. People in close contact with hepatitis A in normal time, children or other people vulnerable to hepatitis A infection, should be timely injection of human blood gamma globulin or hepatitis A vaccine to prevent infection. These are the main preventive measures, the protection of the human body has great benefits.
  4. If you have contact with a hepatitis A patient, you should also take some protection during contact to prevent the infection on the hepatitis A to own health to prevent harm. It also prevents the emergence of severe hepatitis disease when projection is taken.



Treatment of Hepatitis A

In addition to the usual need to carry out some prevention, patients also need to carry out a series of treatment measures. Only effective treatment to ensure that hepatitis A patient can be cured in time, is needed in order to avoid the infection of hepatitis A. What is the treatment of hepatitis A ?

  1. A reasonable diet is an important part of the process of treating hepatitis A patients. In the treatment of hepatitis A, patient to prepare some food to enhance appetite, which is conducive to the recovery of the disease, but also to enhance nutrition and also conducive the body’s resistance.
  2. Hepatitis A patients need home care, but will require regular appointments to the hospital for reviews. Timely monitoring of the development of the disease, will ensure that the treatment is effective, but also to avoid the recurrence of hepatitis A disease. If timely treatment, hepatitis A disease can be timely control.
  3. Hepatitis A patients in the course of treatment should pay attention to resting, to avoid excessive fatigue. There are many cases of hepatitis A patients where relapse is due to resting in normal times so do pay attention to fatigue caused by overwork. More resting can relax the liver, excessive fatigue can increase the burden on the liver.
  4. In normal times, also pay more attention to diet situation. Eat more nutritious food, high protein, high fiber, which to patients iş very good as it has a positive effect. Fat can not be too much of an intake, otherwise it will affect fatty liver phenomenon.


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