What causes bloating?


“Guide” Now most people will have stomach disease phenomenon occurs. The cause of stomach disease is due to the pressure of life now, or the problem of eating habits, resulting in some symptoms of the stomach. If there is an stomach disease,that is not timely treated, it is then easy to have more serious consequences. What is the cause of stomach swelling?

What causes bloating?

Stomach bloating is a minor problem that does not occur in the stomach. Stomach bloating, if not treated in time, can lead to stomach dyspepsia. It is some damage to the function of the stomach. And the mucous membrane of the stomach is also easy to cause injury. What causes stomach bloating? Let’s find out.

  1. If in normal daily times there will be some experience of anger, depression and other emotions, it will cause no harm to the stomach, but will lead to some diseases of the stomach, such as indigestion, flatulence and so on. The usual emotions will not only affect the digestive capacity of the stomach, but also affect other organs. Therefore, in normal times to control emotions, do not casually appear negative emotions, however will eventually lead to problems in other parts of the body.
  2. If the diet is not hygienic, it will lead to bacteria in the gut to produce some toxins, resulting in acute gastroenteritis and other diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. When the usual amount of water is too little or thousand-dimensional food, eating less, will lead to the stomach of constipation and flatulence phenomenon.
  3. There are abnormal conditions in life and work that causes the intestinal tract to be hungry or is too full, can appear the intestinal tract unusual, causes the gastrointestinal overload. There are some diseases in the gut and stomach, which can be a serious threat to your health.
  4. Usually, if your diet is too much, you will cause the intestinal digestion of high protein or high fat diet, but also easy to cause the intestinal flora change, not conducive to the survival of the beneficial bacteria. In normal times, too much intake of greasy food will make protease and lipase unbearable weight, leading to a serious lack.



Pathogenesis of gastric distension

Stomach bulge phenomenon, there are usually some causes of morbidity and then through these pathogenesis, to identify how and what caused it. What is the pathogenesis of gastric distension?

  1. Under normal circumstances, most of the gas in the abdominal cavity is absorbed by a long wall of blood vessels, which is then expelled from the lungs to the body. But some diseases can cause the blood circulation of the intestinal wall to be in disorder, this will affect the absorption of gas in the intestinal cavity, it is easy to cause the phenomenon of bloating.
  2. If you talk loudly when you eat, or if you have some bad eating habits that lead to a lot of air inhalation, it can cause intestinal distension. As a result of some causes bowel peristalsis function disappears or is weakened so the gas in your gut won’t come out of your body, which can cause bloating.
  3. Under normal circumstances, there are a large number of bacteria in the lower and ascending colon of the ileum. If the food in the intestines stay too long, it is easy to ferment under the action of bacteria, food once fermented, it is easy to produce a lot of gas, causing abdominal distension. These are the causes of bloating. Therefore, in normal times we have to pay more attention to prevent the bloating situation occurs.



Methods of relieving Gastric distension

Some people are prone to stomach indigestion when there is bloating, and this time they have no interest in food, which affects the normal life. Gastric distention can be alleviated by some means. What are the specific methods?

  1. It can be relieved by drinking vinegar. Drinking some apple cider vinegar during normal times will help digestion. You can also drink a glass of lemonade. It can treat bloating and blood-clearing.
  2. Rice soup and barley porridge can promote the exhaust. It also has a great effect on flatulence and heartburn. Boil some rice soup or barley soup every day. Drink several times a day after filtration and cooling, it can effectively relieve the flatulence of the stomach.
  3. A moderate intake of high-fiber foods is good for your health, and fiber-rich vegetables and fruits can increase the effects of your exhaust. If you increase the amount of food you eat to maintain your health, start with a small amount and let your gut adapt gradually to reduce the phenomenon of flatulence.
  4. You can also do some exercise, this is conducive to intestinal peristalsis, can also help expel flatulence. Patients with flatulence can do some mild physical activity after a meal. After dinner, doing some bending exercises can promote food into the antrum, with some relaxed exercise, it can also promote food digestion. In addition to these, you can also take a walk, do some simple body photo, can promote gastric motility, to alleviate the stomach bulge phenomenon.


Prevention methods of gastric distension

Usually patients with stomach bloating can take some daily precautions in their daily life.To prevent the frequent occurrence of stomach bloating, does not cause a certain harm to the stomach, but also affects the appetite of patients, the patient’s body caused a certain impact.

  1. The use of gastrointestinal decompression, can be the stomach tube through the nasal cavity or the mouth into, and then suction pressure on the device, through this device to the gastrointestinal gas and liquid all of the suction out, this can reduce gastrointestinal pressure, so that the gastrointestinal muscled rest, waiting to restore normal function.
  2. Patients with frequent constipatio functions can take drugs into the gut to help expel stools and gases, which can reduce the pressure in the colon. If the defecation is unsuccessful, an anus tube can be inserted into the anus to help the gas discharge from the intestine.
  3. Also avoid eating some of the food that causes flatulence, such as sweet potatoes, soybeans and so on. After eating these foods, it is easy to produce some gas to the intestine, causing the phenomenon of stomach bulge. If the stomach bulge is more serious to fasting, through the intravenous infusion method to correct electrolyte disorder phenomenon. In normal times, you should also pay more attention to some prone to the phenomenon of stomach bloating, to avoid the occurrence.



Dietary contraindications for bloating

Stomach bulge is due to a number of factors, but also may be due to improper use of some food, resulting in a large number of gas spread in the stomach, stomach bloating phenomenon. What do you need to pay attention to in the stomach bulge diet?

  1. Stomach flatulence. The main reason is that the digestive system does not properly absorb some carbohydrates, leading to excessive gas, bloating phenomenon, such as some beans are easy to cause flatulence. Some foods, such as bananas, radish wheat flour, white broccoli, onions, broccoli, cabbage, these are prone to gas bloating.
  2. Some citrus fruits, as well as additive beverages and desserts, can aggravate the phenomenon of flatulence. If the patient is prone to flatulence, avoid eating these foods, or it will cause a serious burden on the stomach.

Patients in the occurrence of stomach bloating can take a number of ways to effectively alleviate these symptoms. This can enable patients in the normal diet of normal intake, is conducive to helping patients improve their resistance, so that the body back to health.


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