What is palpitations ?


“Guide”  Palpitation disease refers to the human heart. It has a rapid beating. Panic andd uneasiness isnot be independent of this situation. It’s a common heart disease. So, what is the cause of palpitations and how can it alleviate ?

What is palpitations ?

There are a lot of people occasionally which have the heart uncomfortable situation. And will the heartbeat too fast and inexplicable flustered that is mostly a palpitation. Many people have symptoms of palpitations  but they do not know that it is a palpitations.

  1. Palpitation is a feeling of the patient’s own, which can manifest itself in symptoms such as rapid heartbeat and irregular heartbeats. Palpitations are very common and can occur in any age group. When palpitations occur, people may feel an unexplained palpitation. It is best to go to the hospital immediately for an electrocardiogram to check, if there is a heart disease.
  2. Heart disease usually manifests itself in symptoms before the onset of the disease, such as chest pain, arrhythmia and heart palpitations. These are all signs of impending heart disease.
  3. The normal number of heart beats are 50-100 beats per minute andif the occurrence of heart palpitations or the beating of the heart will be significantly increased or decreased then the patient should be taken seriously, timely to the hospital for examination.

Palpitation is a feeling of the patient’s own and it will be clear so it can not be ignored. When palpitations occur, they are likely a sign of heart disease.



What causes palpitation?

There is no age limit for palpitations, both young and adolescent palpitations are usually caused by the following causes.

  1. People will occasionally appear early beat.People will not feel unwell, this is a normal phenomenon. But some people’s premature beats will lead to the emergence of palpitations.
  2. Many people with cardiovascular disease experiences heart palpitations after meals. Especially if they eat too much. The cause of that is, that the blood flow in the gastrointestinal tract has increased, which leads to a lack of blood supply to the heart. This in turn causes palpitations.
  3. People are prone to palpitations when they are tired and their bodies are consuming too much. It is usually accompanied by a fast and strong heartbeat and a feeling of discomfort in the front of the heart.
  4. In the early stages of heart disease, symptoms are not obvious, but many patients may have palpitations.

There are many reasons that can cause palpitations. The above mentioned points are the most common ones. When palpitations occur, it is best to seek medical attention in the hospital to find out what the cause of palpitations is.



How to quickly relieve palpitations

Although heart palpitations occur at any age. Older adults are in a high risk group and more women than men are affected. Especially menopausal women have often experience heart palpitations.

  1. Menopausal women usually have very obvious palpitations, which is one of the most common symptoms of menopausal syndrome. If you want to alleviate palpitationsy ou can be in the diet to recuperate, eat more vitamin B content rich food such as corn, millet, brown rice and oats and other coarse grains. It has reduced insomnia, exhaustion and relieve palpitations of the role.
  2. Frequent palpitations, to the maintain adequate rest time. fatigue is a cause for palpitations. To prepare yourself a good rest space, as much as possible. There are no stimulation of light and noise. Appropriate increase of rest time you can effectively reduce the occurrence of heart palpitations.
  3. The heart palpitation patients to avoid the tension of the mood, try to maintain a smooth mood, do not artificially increase the pressure on themselves, can greatly alleviate the emergence of palpitations.

The appearance of palpitations is not unprovoked, usually it caused by a number of reasons. So we need to identify and cause palpitations, and then fundamentally solve.



Is palpitations dangerous?

It’s a very uncomfortable feeling to have a palpitation, which gives  a lot of patients that feeling that this  situation is very serious

  1. Whether the anxiety is serious and dangerous depends on the cause of the palpitations, which vary from person to person and can not be generalized. Many women’s palpitations are caused by menopausal syndrome, which is neither dangerous nor serious and usually goes away automatically after this period.
  2. Some of the palpitations are caused by fever, hyperthyroidism, bleeding and other causes. As long as the cause of heart palpitations will be eradicated, palpitations will naturally disappear. And the palpitation caused by the above mentoined reasons will not cause the patient to appear dangerous.
  3. Many people with heart disease experience palpitations, most likely as a result of the effects of the disease on heart function. Such palpitations often represent the onset of heart disease and are likely to be dangerous to patients.

The risk of palpitations is closely related to the cause of palpitations. Some palpitations do not represent a risk and palpitations caused by heart disease should be taken more seriously.



How palpitations are treated ?

When you have a palpitation, it is usually necessary to cure or control the disease that causes the palpitations before the palpitations will fade away. Treatment of palpitations alone can only be palliative, not eradication.

  1. The best treatment for palpitations is to cut the cause. Everyone can go to the hospital for examination and then targeted treatment. It usually have a good effect. However, it is also possible to treat the heart palpitations while treating the cause. We can use physical methods for treatment, because there is no medication, so there is no side effects.
  2. When you have palpitations, you can also use Traditional medicine method. Doctors will be based on the different circumstances of patients, the corresponding prescription and for the treatment of palpitations. It also has a very good effect. Patients can also choose to use acupuncture therapy and the corresponding point stimulation. It can also achieve the purpose of treatment.

Now the hospital for the treatment of palpitations, mainly the use of symptomatic treatment. It can also be combined with Traditional medicine method conditioning and acupuncture therapy and it have very good results.


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