What is the cause of blackhead pores ?


“Guide” Beauty is the prerogative of women, in daily life, women for their appearance is not odd to spend a lot of time and energy, but there will be a variety of skin problems, especially the black pores, such problems serious women’s self-confidence, then What is the cause of blackhead pores ? How to care for the pores of blackheads?

What is the cause of blackhead pores ?

There are certain reasons for having large pores and blackheads. Knowing these reasons, we can understand how to carry out prevention, while also knowing how to better carry out treatment.

  1. Skin Aging, atrophy Aging and shrinkage of skin tissue are inevitable. Usually at a certain age, the pores of the skin become loose, blood circulation gradually becomes smooth and the metabolism of the skin begins to slow down. At the same time, the skin lacks elasticity and the collagen of the skin begins to slacken, which is not enough to support the surrounding pores and make them oval and rough.
  2. Folding oil, secretion oil is highly secreted and cannot be metabolized in time. It causes excess oil to accumulate in the hair follicles, causing the pores to swell and thicken gradually. This usually occurs during puberty and is often accompanied by acne.
  3. Folded skin dry, water deficient dry skin and lack of water- due to lack of water, the cells around the pores also contract. At the same time, the keratin will appear dry and rough which makes the pores more obvious.



How to care for enlarged pores

The problem related to blackheads and enlarged pores, are what most women will experience. We can gain blackheads from make-up and lack of skin care. With these two aspects of skin care, how do we care then?

  1. Weekly Cleansing Mask is essential. If there are blackheads, the pores on the face are then very large. If the skin is very good, then the mask can be used once a month as a cleanser. However, most women’s skin condition is not as good as above, so the mask should not be used less than once a week. Cleaning mask includes mud mask, tear mask, frozen mask, etc. Everyone can choose according to their needs.
  2. Pay special attention to cleaning and makeup removal. Cleaning and cleansing are two important things for good skin. Clean your face every morning and night, using the cleanser that suits your skin and wash your face carefully. After going home at night, you must use makeup remover and wash your face to clear cosmetics, dust and other things.Makeup remover can be selected according to the degree of make-up. If your makeup is lighter, make-up remover can be done. If your makeup is thicker, use cleansing oil and makeup remover. After using the cleansing lotion, be sure to clean the skin again with cleanser.
  3. Wet Apply astringent water- A girl with enlarged pores can use convergent water in daily life and can keep the pores shrinking for a long time. However, the convergent water is wet and it is recommended not to do so every day. Generally speaking, every two days will be better. I can buy a cold jet machine to use every day at home, can be used many times in a day. When I add water, I can also play a role in narrowing the pores.



What are the symptoms of blackhead pores?

Larger pores of blackheads are not only a manifestation of these symptoms, so everyone concerned about their skin changes, not just from the surface of their own skin problems,. Then, what are the symptoms of large pores of blackheads?

Blackheads are mainly a “stopper” made up of sebum, cell fragments and bacteria. It is formed by blocking the opening of the hair follicle, adding dust, dirt, and oxidation in the air, making it progressively darker when in contact with the air. So got a less elegant title-blackheads. It usually appears on the forehead and nose of the face. When the oil glands are excessively stimulated, the pores fill with excess grease and cause clogging, the nose and its surrounding parts are usually greasy. The oil eventually hardens, and after oxidation it turns into a small black spot. These dots are oil blockers called blackheads.

People with acne and blackheads are found to have rough skin, large pores, large amounts of grease particles, clogging pores and hard sputum on the skin. This is always repeated. Acne is induced, severe and uneven. If you compare acne with an active volcano, then blackheads are like an extinct volcano. Although the danger is not enough to attract special attention. But it is really the enemy of women with their skin.



How to remove the big pores of blackhead

The thick pores of blackheads cannot only be removed using skin care products, but also through some daily tips to remove, so what is the specific way?

  1. Homemade Mask- Put the oatmeal in water for 2-3 hours (do not use hot water, because the grains will become pasty), add skimmed milk and stir oats. Apply to face for 10-20 minutes, then massage with hand, especially the blackhead areas then wash and rinse off with water. It can improve skin roughness, keratin accumulation, and promote smooth skin. Every time you use it, you can see that the oatmeal looks dirty, and then look at the nose, it is not clean enough.
  2. Honey Protein- Efficacy: Freckle, Whitening, firmingIngredients: A spoonful of honey, an egg, the right amount of glutinous rice powderUsage: Mix the above ingredients together, apply to the face, wait 15-20 minutes and then wash off. This is to be done one to two times a week.
  3. Melon root: Bitter taste, cold is the spleen, the stomach is rich in fatty acids, hawthorn, amino acids, carotene, choline and other ingredients, with heat detoxification, swelling, dispersion of efficacy, and break the blood. It can promote blood circulation, improve skin blood circulation, eliminate facial pigmentation, treat acne and acne scars.



To solve the pores of the black skin Physiotherapy

In daily life, it is also possible to remove the blackhead pores through physio methods, but many women do not know these methods, so will abuse a variety of skin care products, resulting in their own skin problems more and more, then solve the blackhead pores. So what is physiotherapy?

  1. Removes blackheads- It removes blackheads from pores by sticking. The most common is a variety of nasal stickers, but many people can’t stick anything when using them. In fact, just by grasping a small trick you can pull out more blackheads. After bathing or heating the cleaned face with a towel, let the cutin soften, and when the skin is not raised up (the nose cannot be too wet), apply the sticky paper on the bottom of the nose to the pores. Make sure to dry, then use a lot of the pores and apply it to dry.Advantages: Direct and powerful cleaning, no harm.Disadvantage: Pulling the skin will make the pores become flabby. If it does not converge in time, the blackheads will appear faster and the pores will become larger.
  2. Deep Cleaning method- The deep cleansing mask usually has the ability to remove blackheads because deep cleansing usually removes the old dead-angle layer, so the grease particles trapped inside can be drained more smoothly. In addition, some deep cleansing masks contain kaolin, and absorption functions such as activated carbon can also be absorbed into the skin surface rather than into the pores. In order to keep the blackheads small, to keep the pores clean is a fundamental problem, so many people will find that although the use of deep cleansing mask does not significantly remove a large number of blackheads, but they are continuously slow to use, blackheads are slowly found to be less.Advantages: No irritating pores, no harm.Disadvantages: a blackening effect is not obvious enough, the effect is very slow. For serious big blackheads, it basically useless.


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