What’s the reason for a long dry cough?


Guide” cough is a common phenomenon in daily life, with the general cough everyone will drink some syrup which can be very good to achieve the effect of treatment, and a long time of dry cough needs careful attention, as it can often be a sign of precursor to certain diseases, which patients need to pay enough attention to. What’s the reason for a long dry cough? What happens in a long dry cough? What are the possible diseases of a long dry cough?

What’s the reason for a long dry cough?

Dry cough, cough and lack of phlegm are generally considered to be caused by dryness, smoking or pharyngitis. Few people think that this is not a very serious disease, so they are ignored. In fact, dry cough is very serious, so what is the cause of long-term dry cough?

A cough is actually a reflex behavior that occurs when the body removes a foreign object from the respiratory tract, secretions, or mucous membranes of the airway. When a cough occurs, we call it a dry cough. Smoking, dry weather, etc., which may cause irritation or itching of the respiratory tract mucosa.

Often dry cough factors are very complex. Diseases such as the nose, organs, lung, esophagus, throat and stomach may cause dry cough, including spicy food, allergies and other factors. Dry cough may also be a precursor to lung cancer. The location of lung tumours and respiratory symptoms vary, but most occur in the bronchus and are prone to intense irritation and coughing.



What’s going on with a long dry cough?

Cough without sputum is a very difficult thing to control, and will bring serious disruption to the lives of patients. To better treatment, you need to understand why the long dry cough is going on.

Nose: If you cough with a sore throat, you will feel a foreign body. When you lay in bed at night, you start coughing in less than half an hour, but when you sit up, you don’t want to cough. The most common cause may be nasal reflux. This is mainly caused by allergic or non allergic rhinitis, an acute or chronic sinusitis, etc., due to a large number of nasal discharge from the nasal cavity into the throat, this stimulates the throat and causes coughs. You should avoid the nose getting in contact with allergens such as cold air or dust mites.

Stomach acid: When gastroesophageal reflux occurs, stomach acid reflexes to the esophagus, which can easily stimulate the cough receptor and enter the respiratory tract to stimulate the throat. Cough and stomach acid-induced cough is mostly dry, but can also create chest tightness, burning pain in the chest, therefore when you wake up in the morning, you have a dry and bitter taste in the throat.

Asthma: In general, they can observe changes in lung function through asthma-induced tests to differentiate whether the results are positive, indicating that the trachea is sensitive and that a little stimulation can cause a cough.


What diseases are long dry cough

The dry cough has brought great trouble to us in life, especially in the sleep aspect, as it seriously disrupts everybody’s sleep quality, and the dry cough may also be some disease’s performance.

  1. Acute chronic pharyngitis
    Acute and chronic pharyngitis are common among teachers, leaders, singers, people who smoke and are exposed to harmful dusts for a long time. A severe dry cough may be a sign of acute and chronic pharyngitis. Acute pharyngitis is a symptom of upper respiratory tract infection. It is manifested as laryngeal pain, accompanied by nasal congestion, runny nose, cough and sputum etc.
  2. Bronchitis
    Acute trachea-bronchitis is a part of upper respiratory tract infection with paroxysmal irritant cough, posterior sternum pain, low heat and a small amount of adhesive as clinical features. Chronic trachea-bronchitis is often developed from acute tracheal-bronchitis. Long-term recurrent cough, with sputum as the main symptom accompanied by asthma, suggesting chronic obstructive emphysema accompanied by wheezing. Asthma is suggestive of bronchitis, much in winter or climate change.
  3. Bronchiectasis
    If you have a long dry cough, accompanied by a large number of purulent sputum, or even a large amount of hemoptysis. Then, this may be caused by bronchiectasis of dry cough. At this time, we must pay attention to the hospital, do not delay the disease.
  4. Bronchial Asthma
    Bronchial asthma is an allergic disease of the respiratory tract. Patients are allergic to pollen, animal skin, fish and shrimp. It is a paroxysmal dyspnea with wheezing, often coughing when it is relieved, and terminates when there is a lot of mucous phlegm or colorless transparent glass-like phlegm.



The harm of long dry cough

Long dry cough not only affects everyone’s daily life, but also seriously affects everyone’s health. So long term dry cough, what harm does it have?

  1. Long-term cough affects people’s rest and sleep, it can cause mood swings and even lead to depression, thus affecting work.
  2. Long-term cough, easy to make the throat mucosa by high-speed airflow impact, damage, conducive to the invasion of viruses or bacteria, easy to aggravate the disease.
  3. Long-time cough, can increase the pressure of the chest, squeezing the heart, not conducive to blood circulation. It is also the basis for people to say heart attacks, forced coughs, squeezing the heart and using it to help themselves.
  4. Prolonged cough can increase the pressure of the alveoli and small trachea, which is prone to emphysema, pulmonary vesicles and bronchial dilation.
  5. Hard cough is easy to induce pneumothorax.
  6. The hard cough can cause the chest muscle and the cartilage joint’s pull injury, this is the cough after the chest muscle ache reason.
  7. The elderly with osteoporosis also prone to rib fractures, which is often encountered in clinical practice.
  8. Because coughs need to use pectoralis, intercostal, diaphragm and so on, long cough will consume a lot of physical strength, this is not conducive to the recovery of disease.
  9.  Cough can also cause cough fainting, for driving, high altitude and other dangerous operations, it can easily cause danger.
  10. Long time frequent cough is unfavorable to people’s communication and communication.


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