When Too Many Friends May Backfire


When Too many Friends may Backfire

The 2010 pic The Social Network traces Harvard student Mark Zuckerberg’s controversial (just ask the Winklevoss twins) launching of Facebook and divulges the stress that the company’s founding caused for everybody who had something to do with it. quick forward to 2015: Mark has 43,325,923 Facebook followers and a multi-billion dollar company. but it’s still stressful!

We don’t think your teenager is close to having that a lot of Friends on Facebook, but he or she still may be dealing with the hyper tension Facebook can trigger. a new study from the University of urban center looked at cortisol levels, a measure of stress, in teenagers who had 300 or a lot of friends on Facebook and found their cortisol levels consistently elevated.

Chronic high levels of cortisol are associated with everything from heart woes to depression. The study’s lead researcher cautions: “Adolescents who present high stress hormone levels don’t become depressed immediately… Some studies have shown that it may take 11 years before the onset of severe depression in youngsters who consistently had high cortisol levels.”

To ease stress, facilitate your teen pare down the friends list. (Unfriend was the New Oxford american dictionary word of the year in 2009.) chances are it contains people your young barely knows and ne’er interacts with. Then limit time spent on Facebook: less than forty minutes daily. If your immature dials down the intensity of the relationship with Facebook, like the Winklevoss twins, he or she will end up a winner. (They got $65 million and stock.)


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